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Aziz Ansari Bed Sheets

Aziz Ansarai is currently one of the top comedians in the game. He can be found on television in Parks and Recreation, and can be seen on tour across the globe doing stand-up comedy. Aziz is a movie star, a comic, and an author, so it is only natural that there is a lot of Aziz Ansari merchandise. It seems like everyone wants a piece of Aziz, whether it be on a mug, a shirt, or on a bed. Yes, that is correct, people are making Aziz Ansari bed sheets, and they are awesome. You can always try for more information before buying it.

Aziz’s entry into the linen market

Aziz Ansari Bed SheetYou could say that Aziz Ansari’s rise into the linen market started around 2010 with the release of his stand-up special. In this special, Aziz delves into the topic of bed linens. During one particular joke, Aziz describes the act of buying bed sheets specifically for their high thread count, soon to find out that the thread count was a lie. This joke put him in a place that he never thought he would land, on a bed sheet.

Buy Aziz Ansari bed sheets

Soon after his bed sheet video went viral, Aziz Ansari bed sheets began to flood the market. People wanted to sleep with Aziz’s face next to theirs, and the internet’s ball got rolling. The market for Aziz bed sheets began to thrive. His image was printed onto bed sheets ranging in thread counts from 200 to 600, although everyone knew that Aziz would accept nothing under a 600 thread count. Because Aziz would only accept high thread counts, his sheets became some of the most comfortable, sought after sheets for college students. Brand like Simple Natural provide dryer balls for laundering sheets and natural products.

Today, most people know Aziz for his work in show business, however a select few know him entirely for his stint in bed sheets. While they weren’t picked up by Martha Stewart or Better Homes and Gardens, Aziz Ansari bed sheets continue to be a staple for anyone wanting a comical, yet comfortable bed linen. While it may be hard to find his bed sheets in stores today, you will always be able to look up his hilarious video portraying a young, single person shopping for sheets.

By - David Bustillos

Silent Electric Pencil Sharpener

If you ever feel that your pencil sharpener is loud and noisy every time you get up or sharpen your pencil, you’re not alone. There are some sharpeners that do not make any noise and are popular today as the day they came out.

Every student, architect, engineer, or any general office worker needs a silent pencil sharpener; electric sharpeners seem to work the best. In fact, it features the quiet operation every one would enjoy using because of less noise. You’ll find other people wanting to use your electric sharpener because of the silent mechanism.

Silent pencil sharpener, electric features

Some of the heavy duty sharpeners can be loud and disruptive in class. The best electric pencil sharpener that are specifically for settings that need that silent touch are more in demand today. This type offers the modern designs with that old-fashion durability. These types are ideal for school classrooms or office settings and with the electric motor being silent enough for pencils that need that precise cut.

If you need a silent pencil sharpener, electric designed ones are best because of the blades’ technology. They can accommodate those people who need various pencils to be shaved without overheating it’s motor. This style of sharpener also features that stable and non-skid movement when being set into place.

Use for high volume, multi-type pencils

In addition, these types of high volume electric sharpeners are ideal for those who utilize pencils, colored pencils, or simply need to utilize those types of electric sharpeners that need long-lasting blades. The casing catches the shavings without overflow as well.

With maximum precision, the silent pencil sharpener’s electric helical cutter operates quietly for those classrooms or office environment settings that need silence. Producing the perfect points in every pencil is what you want as a result. Silent pencil sharpener, electric mode style keeps quiet every time you sharpen your pencils with no overheating. Built to last with a powerful motor that lasts is what you want your next electric sharpener to be.

By - David Bustillos

Why Wool Dryer Balls

You may have heard about wool dryer balls but what you might not have heard about is why so many people are making the switch to using them instead of dryer sheets and fabric softener. While it’s true that going green is the current trend, many people are still wondering why wool balls dryer? l Wool dryer balls are the perfect solution to getting rid of some of the most dangerous chemicals in your home and replacing them with something that really works, costs less, and saves you money at the same time. Who wouldn’t want to switch to that? Below are some reasons why you should be using wool dryer balls too.

Why Wool Dryer Balls

Save Money

In this economy, saving money is a difficult task but anywhere it can be done…it has to be. Life is too expensive to afford even basic things anymore. This is where making the switch to wool dryer balls comes in so handy. For one thing, you’re not paying more for a big company-named product, but using wool dryer balls actually saves money on your utility bills too! That’s right, using wool dryer balls actually decreases the drying time. This saves you money on gas if you use a gas dryer or on your electrical bill if you use an electric dryer. That’s extra money in pocket for something else you need (or want).

Live Better

Feeling unwell affects mood and the chemicals found in dryer sheets and fabric softener will literally cause you to feel ill. Between cancer causing agents to respiratory ailments, toxic chemicals are masked with strong pleasant smelling scents so that you don’t know what you’re really exposing your skin and lungs to. Recent data has unveiled two of the chemicals used in more dryer sheets are actually on the EPA’s “hazardous waste” list. That’s not something to just casually dismiss. When you rid yourself of the hazardous chemicals in your laundry room you’re taking a step to living a happier, healthier life. This will not only make you feel better physically but also mentally as well.

Why Wool Dryer Balls

Why Wool Dryer Balls?

It is a known fact that there are other ways to remove static cling from your clothing so why choose wool dryer balls? Wouldn’t it just be simpler to add baking soda to your wash cycle or use low cost water heater for hot water? Or lower the temperature setting in your dryer? Well as simple as those answers may be (and they do work) they don’t lower your utility cost. Plus wool dryer balls can be purchased in an organic form. Even better, dryer balls are not only chemical free but also reusable (up to 1000 loads). Once they’ve served their purpose, dryer balls can be used for a multitude of other things such as natural air fresheners and even small dolls if you’re crafty with a needle.

Wool dryer balls offer much more than just a solution to going green. It’s a healthier alternative to using traditionally unhealthy overpriced goods that are keeping you and your loved ones sick. Save money and start feeling better. Make the switch to wool dryer balls. You’ll be glad you did.